IFRA – The International Fragrance Research Association

Addressing Raw Material Uncertainty in Perfumery

There’s considerable uncertainty surrounding raw materials and their use in perfumery. Some of our perfumes may contain these materials, but each formulation needs individual verification. To facilitate this, I require a list of fragrances and products for regulatory checks.

IFRA’s Role in Ensuring Product Safety

IFRA, or the International Fragrance Research Association, serves as our regulatory authority, ensuring product safety. Attached is information from IFRA on Phthalates, emphasizing that not all are harmful. They’ve extensively researched and tested the specific phthalates used in perfumery, likening it to not all mushrooms being poisonous, such as DEP used in perfumery.

Preservatives and Safe Usage

Parabens, commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics, are well-documented and tested. It’s unlikely our fragrance oils contain parabens since they’re not needed in non-aqueous systems.

Silicones and their Safety

While silicones are improbable in our products, certain molecules within them are deemed safe for cosmetic use.

Understanding PEGs (Polyethylene Glycols)

PEGs are considered inert and safe by the FDA for both food and cosmetic production. Let me know about any concerns regarding PEGs.

Navigating CMRs (Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins)

Regarding CMRs, while tongue-in-cheek, one might humorously suggest banning the sun due to its cancer-causing potential. We hope for rationality in addressing these concerns.

Industry Responsibility and Public Perception

The industry aims for responsibility, updating us on regulations. However, distorted information often leads to fear-driven, incomplete public understanding.

Consideration of Fragrance-Free Products

Offering fragrance-free products could avoid controversies, although they might lack excitement

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