IFRA- The International Fragrance Research Association

It seems that there is a lot of uncertainty about raw materials and their use in perfumery. Some of our perfumes may well contain some of the materials mentioned but each formulation needs to be checked individually.  I think that you will appreciate that it takes some work for regulatory  to check each formula and the sub-formulas. So I will need a list of each fragrance & product  you would like checked.

IFRA- The International Fragrance Research Association is our guiding regulatory authority who’s aim is to ensure product safety . In order to illustrate a point I am attaching some information on Phthalates issued by IFRA explaining that not all phthalates are bad and all the research done to ensure its safety  specific ones we use in perfumery have been tested. I love the part where they explain that not all mushrooms are poisonous – such is the case with DEP that is used in perfumery.

Parabens are preservatives commonly used in cosmetics, these have been well tested and documented. It is unlikely we have any parabens in our fragrance oils as they do not need preserving like aqueous systems.

Silicones – also highly unlikely however some of these molecules  have their place as safe to use in the cosmetic industry.

PEG – The molecule itself, (Poly)ethylene Glycol, is considered inert, non-toxic, and generally considered safe for all usages. The FDA classifies PEGs as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients for both food and cosmetic production. Please let me know what the real concern with PEG’s are ?

CMR’s – I think we should ban the sun , it is so bad for us as it can cause cancer why didn’t someone put a warning label on it  , this is said tongue in cheek and  I hope that there is some sanity in this crazy world at some point.

Finally I will make one more point before getting off the soap-box we believe that the industry tries to be as responsible as possible and keeps updating us on new regulations, but often I am concerned that some of the issues get distorted and the message at the general public level becomes driven by fear and an incomplete understanding.

One option is to offer fragrance free products it will avoid any of the controversies – but heck the products would be boring .

IFRA - Doc

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